Our Story

Hello there and welcome!

We are Boris & Susan - husband and wife cofounders of Lumen Nature Retreat.

We created Lumen to be a destination for people to come to in order to connect with each other, enjoy a slower pace of life, and appreciate the nature around them.

Our goal from day 1 has been to create a place where you can experience camping (glamping) and the outdoors with all of the luxuries of a small boutique hotel and without any of the hassle, stress or planning.

So, whether you're a couple looking for a romantic getaway, a family that wants to spend a Summer week with their kids, or a group that wants a place where you can hang out together as you explore the White Mountains - we have something for you.

A lot of people ask us how the vision for Lumen was conceived, so we wanted to share a few words about that. It began years ago with our own honeymoon -- where we had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do a 6-month overland journey from Boston to Argentina in our old, but trusted Toyota Land Cruiser --a trip of 15 counties and over 20,000 miles.

During this trip, our car had a rooftop tent that allowed us to camp at some of the most spectacular places we could ever hope - from bush camping in the middle of the salt flats and next to volcanoes to little campgrounds and campsites all over North, Central and South America.

Over the 6 month period, we realized just how magical these camping experiences were -- surrounded by nature, blanketed by stars, and better than any hotel or accommodations we could have stayed at. We loved it!

As we returned from the trip and started a family, we kept coming back to those experiences and thinking about what was it that made camping and being outdoors so special and so different than simply staying in a hotel.

Fortunately, as we have a background in hospitality and design, we've set out to create a place in New England that could bring this amazing experience to others.

It took us several years and an incredible team of people, but we're delighted to finally bring to you - Lumen.

Combining the gorgeous New England environment and design elements from Scandinavia and Europe, Lumen luxurious Safari tents, romantic A-Frames and Nordic-style cabins -- a true “bedroom-in-nature” experience.

We're different from other properties in many ways. We put a lot of focus on the overall experience, common facilities, and maximizing the beauty that our location has to offer. We're also fully contactless -- which means that while our team is on the ground and available through text and email 7 days a week -- you won't find a front desk or a store on premises.

Lastly, we're much smaller than most of the campgrounds around -- but frankly, that's what we love about this space. It feels cozy, private and immersive.

2022 was our very first season! We're continuously working to improve your experience and delight our guests. We hope you'll love staying here and would also love to hear your thoughts, feedback and ideas on how to make it even better!

We hope you will enjoy it.

– Susan, Boris & Team Lumen
What We Believe

We believe that spending time in nature is truly a magical experience -- one that brings people closer, allows you space and time to reset and re-energize, and something that everyone should be able to enjoy.

There's something really special about sitting around a campfire late into the night with the people you care about next to you -- free of phones and laptops and just enjoying conversations and storytelling.

We hope that you'll love staying at Lumen as much as we loved creating and curating the experience for you!



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Lumen provides an experience as far from scout-camp, pup-tent living as you can get in a serene wooded setting beside a babbling brook. Invited to spend a night last summer, I was enchanted by the combination of high design and rustic simplicity, for which the term glamping falls short.


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Glamping lovers and adventure seekers need to know about Lumen Nature Retreat in Woodstock. The gorgeous location and private environment create a sense of exploration, and their mix of Nordic cabins, spacious Safari tens and cozy A-frames give you that true “bedroom” in the woods experience. They are smaller than most campgrounds in the area, but that just makes it an even more private and cozy opportunity to enjoy a late night campfire after a day of kayaking around nearby Echo Lake.


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I recently had the opportunity to stay atin North Woodstock, New Hampshire. This glampground had its first season in 2022, so it’s a relatively new player to the scene. But based on my experience, Lumen is already doing awesome things and is on track to be one of the top glamping spots in New Hampshire.

We can't wait to see you.