How We Got Started

Hello there!

We are Susan & Boris (as well as our wonderful team -- Mike, Debra, Juan, Roberto, Francisco, Carlos and many others!)

We wanted to share a few words about how Lumen came about. The journey to creating Lumen developed over a number of years and was inspired by our own traveling and camping experiences.

Back in 2018, we had the opportunity to do a honeymoon roadtrip from Boston to Argentina -- a trip of 15 counties and over 20,000 miles.

During this trip, we've had a little car with a rooftop tent that allowed us to camp at some of the most spectacular places we could ever hope - from bush camping in the middle of the salt flats and next to volcanoes to little campgrounds and campsites all over North, Central and South America.

Throughout these experiences, we noticed what makes a good camping experience -- a beautiful location, peaceful and private environment, a sense of exploration, as well as being comfortable and having what you need right there.

As we returned from the trip and started a family, we've wanted to create an environment that combined the excitement and joy of camping in nature with the ease and simplicity of just showing up and having all of the details arranged for you.

As a result, Lumen offers a mix of Nordic Cabins that conjure up a sense of coziness and happiness and luxurious, everything-is-included “glamping” stays in our spacious Safari tents and cozy A-Frames -- a true "bedroom" in the woods experience.

We're different from other properties in many ways. We put a lot of focus on the overall experience, common facilities, and maximizing the beauty that our location has to offer. We're also fully contactless -- which means that while our team is on the ground and available through text and email 7 days a week -- you won't find a front desk or a store on premises.

Lastly, we're much smaller than most of the campgrounds around -- but frankly, that's what we love about this space. It feels cozy, private and immersive.

2022 was our very first season! We're continuously working to improve your experience and delight our guests. We hope you'll love staying here and would also love to hear your thoughts, feedback and ideas on how to make it even better!

We hope you will enjoy it.

– Susan, Boris & Team Lumen
What We Believe

We believe that spending time in nature is truly a magical experience -- one that brings people closer, allows you space and time to reset and re-energize, and something that everyone should be able to enjoy.

There's something really special about sitting around a campfire late into the night with the people you care about next to you -- free of phones and laptops and just enjoying conversations and storytelling.

We hope that you'll love staying at Lumen as much as we loved creating and curating the experience for you!

We can't wait to see you.