Your Questions, Answered

Lumen FAQs

What exactly is Lumen Nature Retreat?

Lumen Nature Retreat is a 20-acre cabins & glamping retreat nestled in the White Mountains and surrounded by beautiful water and river views. 

We offer a mix of luxurious, everything-is-included Nordic cabins, romantic A-frame tents and spacious Safari tents for those who want to come and just enjoy without needing to bring any supplies. Nearly every site has gorgeous water or meadow views. We also have a beautiful, climate-controlled bathhouse with hotel-style amenities for your comfort, as well as two saunas for our guests to use. 

We’re small, cozy and focused on making your getaway as enjoyable as it can be – so come and spend a weekend or a week with us.

What to expect when I come to Lumen?

Great question! We prepared a helpful guide on this very topic – it is available here. We highly recommend you give it a quick look before your arrival to ensure a great experience while you are here.

How does the self check-in process work?

We are a fully contactless destination. This means that the entire process from booking to check in is done remotely via email, text or phone. Our team is available to answer your questions remotely 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm, but keep in mind that you won’t find a traditional check-in desk or a store here.

All of your questions and inquiries would be addressed through text messages (or a quick phone call). 

Want to get in touch? Shoot us a text message at (603) 764-7244 and we’d be delighted to help!

What is the check-in and check-out time?

Check-in time is at 4:00pm. 
Check-out time is at 10:00am.

Are there other cabins and guests around?

Yes, we have a total of 20 cabins and 15 tents spread out among 20 acres. All of the sites are pretty well spread out with good privacy and tree separation, but you will see other guests and units around. Say hello and introduce yourself - it’s part of the experience!

Is there someone I can reach out to if I have a problem?

Absolutely! We have multiple employees (general manager, maintenance, housekeeping) on the property every single day.Although we do not have a traditional front office/store, we do have a full guest services team available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm via text message or phone – you can reach us at 603-764-7244 and we’ll be glad to help.

How do I make a reservation at Lumen Nature Retreat?

All of our reservations are done online via our booking system. You can access it here.

On the booking system, you can see what’s available on any particular day, choose the type of accommodations you’d like to stay at, pre-order add-ons and more.

If you have any questions, feel free to text us at 603-764-7244 and we’d be glad to assist!

How do I make sure to get a water-facing site?

Over 70% of our sites are water-facing (either the pond or the brook) and the other 30% have a pleasant meadow or woods view. In short, all of the sites are wonderful in their own way.

When you make a reservation, please note:

By default, when you book a type of accommodations (Hygge cabin, Lykke cabin, Safari Tent or A-Frame tent), our reservation system will randomly assign you a specific available site.

If you prefer to select a specific site that you want to stay on, please go to Book Now section, then select Lumen Map from the top menu and select any specific, available site - which would be marked as green. This way, you can book any specific, available site for your stay.

Are you open in the Winter?

During the Winter season, we close down our Safari and A-Frame tents, but our cabins are open and available. Winter can be a gorgeous time to spend in the White Mountains, especially given the proximity to Loon mountain and numerous other Winter activities. Please check our Book Now section for specific open dates.

Can I gift a stay to someone else?

Absolutely - we offer gift certificates available in any remuneration here.

Do I need to bring towels or toiletries?

We provide fresh bath and hand towels in all of our accommodations.

We also provide premium, Public Goods brand, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, hand soap, dish soap at our bathhouse – the only thing you should bring is a toothbrush!

Is there a fridge or cooler for groceries?

All of our cabins come with a fridge and all of our tents come with a cooler (please get ice before you arrive, as we do not sell it on-site).

What is there to do in the area?

So much! Lumen Nature Retreat is strategically located in the middle of all the action (while simultaneously feeling like a little hidden getaway far from everything when you are here)!

We have prepared a helpful what-to-do guide for every season:
48 Hours at Lumen [Summer Edition]
48 Hours at Lumen [Fall Edition]
48 Hours at Lumen [Winter Edition]

Or check out the comprehensive list of experiences near Lumen.

How close are the sites from the bathhouse?

All of the sites are located between 30 seconds and a 3-minute walk from the bathhouse. 

Please note that if this is a concern, you can select a particular site that’s closest to the bathhouse at the time of making a reservation (subject to availability).

How do I access my accommodations?

About 2 days before your arrival, you will receive a welcome email with all of the check in instructions. When you arrive, you can drive down directly to your site and enter.

For cabins, a special code will be provided in the email.

For tents, no code is required to enter the unit.

Is there electricity at all of the sites?

Absolutely! All of our sites – including cabins, Safari Tents and A-Frames – offer electricity within the unit.

What about heating and air conditioning?

All of our cabins have a mini-split unit with a personal thermostat, so you have plenty of heat during the colder months and air conditioning during the warmer months. Our Hygge cabins also include a small fireplace in each unit. All in all, these cabins are extremely comfortable and very cozy in any temperature.

For our Safari Tents and A-Frames, we provide electric heaters in the Spring and Fall and fans during the Summer. We also offer electric blankets upon request during the colder months. You’ll be quite comfortable during your stay, but plan accordingly – as it is a “tent” experience.

What is inside every cabin and tent?

We have written a helpful guide on this:
What’s Included in Each Cabin
What’s Included at Each Tent

You can also check out all of the Amenities that are available at Lumen Nature Retreat for every site.

Do you have Wi-Fi available?

Many of the guests who come to Lumen are here to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday routines and all of the distractions that come with it. As such, many guests look forward to doing a short digital “detox”.

That being said, we know WiFi is equally important at times, so we do have WiFi coverage throughout the property on-request. This means that if you need to access it, simply send a text message to us and we will be glad to send you the WiFi password, so you can connect at any point.

How to reserve the saunas?

We offer two (2) complementary saunas for our guests’ use. There is no charge to use them, but we do require reservations – so that guests can block off a private time slot.

Two days before you check in, you’ll receive a link during which you’ll be able to book the saunas either during the Morning session or Late Afternoon/Evening session.

What items can I purchase on premises (e.g. firewood)?

We offer the following items on a self-serve basis at Lumen:

Firewood - $10/bundle or $25/3 bundles
Biofuel for Hygge Cabin fireplace - $10/bottle
Butane for Tent Stoves - $8/canister
Firestarter - $3/firestarter
Coffee Bags - $2/eachTea - $1.5/each

Is there electricity at all of the sites?

Absolutely! All of our sites – including cabins, Safari Tents and A-Frames – offer electricity within the unit.

If I purchase firewood or other items listed above at the time of reservation, where can I pick up those items?

Our Firewood & Fuel Station is positioned on the access road as you drive down towards your accommodations – on the left side. Please stop by and grab whichever items you have pre-purchased or feel free to order them on the spot. It is done on a self-serve, honor-basis.

Initial coffee and tea is provided to all guests on a complimentary basis in your unit. For any refills, you can purchase additional coffee bags or tea bags at a self-serve station on the side of the bathhouse.

Where can we purchase ice, groceries and other items?

There are a number of places where you can get supplies in the area. 

South of Lumen, we recommend Market Basket at 34 Ridge View Ln, Plymouth (NH).

North of Lumen, we recommend Price Choppers at 10 Papermill Dr, Lincoln (NH).

Are pets allowed?

Well-behaved dogs are allowed and welcomed. There is a $50 pet fee and a maximum of 2 dogs per site. All pets have to remain leashed while on the premises and the owners are fully responsible for them. If pets are not leashed during the stay or left behind unattended, your reservation can be canceled by us without a refund.

Please note that you must indicate during your booking that you are bringing a pet (or pets). This way, we’ll be able to put a doggie bed out for them and also allocate time for special cleaning afterwards to get it ready for the next set of guests.

Unfortunately, we do not permit cats due to many of our guests having allergies to them.

Can guests bring and use ATV vehicles on the property?

Please note that we do not permit any ATV vehicles or motorbikes to be used on the property at any time. This is strictly enforced and will lead to a cancellation of your reservation without a refund.

Can guests bring and use drones  on the property?

We typically do not permit the use of drones by guests on the property due to privacy concerns and noise. If you need exceptions, please reach out to us.

Is swimming and fishing allowed in the pond or brook?

Yes, swimming is permitted at your own risk – please note that we do not have lifeguards on premises. 

Fishing is also allowed and encouraged. Our pond is stocked annually and it is a private pond, so no fishing permit is required.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to your arrival date will be refunded in full to the credit card on file. 

Cancellations made 30 days or less prior to the arrival are non-refundable. 

Reservations are not non-transferable and please note that what we provide is an outdoor experience and refunds will not be given due to the discomforts of nature.

Can I pitch a tent next to my accommodations?

We kindly ask that guests do not set up tents at their site to help preserve the experience for your neighbors.

Are Drones allowed on the property?

To maintain the privacy and comfort of our guests, personal drone usage is generally prohibited at Lumen Nature Retreat. This policy helps ensure that everyone can enjoy a tranquil and secure environment without disruptions. We recognize that drones can intrude on private moments and create noise disturbances, which can detract from the serene atmosphere we strive to offer.

Exceptions to this policy are made for professional photographers and specific purposes. If you need to use a drone for professional projects or special reasons, please submit a Drone Usage Inquiry Form. Each request will be carefully reviewed, and approved drone activities must adhere to designated times, locations, and safety guidelines provided by the resort. Compliance with local regulations is also required. Thank you for helping us keep our resort a peaceful retreat for all guests.

Are Firearms allowed on the property?

In the interest of maintaining a safe and peaceful environment for all our guests, Lumen Nature Retreat strictly prohibits the possession, carrying, and use of firearms within its premises. This policy applies to all guests, visitors, and staff members without exception. For detailed policy please refer to information here.