What's Included At Each Tent

Find out what we provide for each tent to prepare your next trip to Lumen!

Stay At Lumen

Our comfortable, luxurious tents are designed to give you the perfect space to recharge and enjoy your time in nature. They have everything you may need, so the only thing you need to bring is good company and food.

Since this is the first time for many of our guests to enjoy the glamping experience, we wanted to go through in detail what is included at each of our tents.

All Of Our Tents Include:

Luxurious Bed and Linens

The bed is the highlight for many of our guests. Equipped with fresh, hotel-quality mattress and linens, we wanted to ensure that you get an amazing night sleep when you’re camping at Lumen. 

Our A-Frame Tents come with a Queen Size bed, whereas our Safari Tents have 3 configurations: 1 King Bed; 1 Queen Bed + 1 Twin Bed; or 1 Queen Bed + 2 Bunk Beds.

Fresh Towels

We include a bath towel and a hand towel for every one of our guests. 

Tea & Coffee

Complimentary tea and pour-over coffee is included to get your morning started right!


Two lanterns are included at every tent. You can use them as you explore the property or cook outside in the evening.


A 52 qt cooler is provided, so you can keep your food cold and away from the animals. Make sure to bring your own ice on the way to Lumen.

52 Qt Cooler

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of hanging out in a hammock by the water, reading a book and listening to the sounds of nature. Each of our tent comes with a comfortable hammock for you to enjoy.

Smokeless Firepit

Every glamping site comes with a premium smokeless firepit, so you can fire it up at night for an unforgettable experience under the stars. Firewood bundles are available on-site at $10/bundle.

Smokeless Firepit
Firestarter & Lighter

To get a perfect fire going, we provide a complementary fire starter and a lighter. It’ll make it easy and effortless to get the fire started.

Adirondack Chairs

Gather around the firepit in the comfy Adirondack chairs during dusk and enjoy the fresh air, night sky and the crackling sound of fire near you.

Comfortable Adirondack Chairs
Picnic Table

Share a meal with your friends and loved ones next to the campfire at the included picnic tables.

Propane Stove

For a perfect, yet simple and easy way to cook, we provide a complementary propane stove at every tent site. You can purchase butane canisters from us at $8/canister. 

Kitchen Set

We include a kettle, pots and pans, wine opener, as well as dishes, bowls, cups and utensils for every guest. Salt and pepper are also provided.

Grill Set

Everything you need to grill outside is provided, including a cast iron pan which makes it a breeze to make a meal on the fire.

Our Safari Tents Also Include:

Indoor Dining Table with 2 Seats + Bench

Every tent has an indoor dining table, so you can enjoy a meal or the evening gather around – regardless of the weather outside.

Clothes Rack

We provide a clothes rack with hangers to keep your clothes organized and dry while you’re camping with us.

Our Bathhouse Includes:

Lastly, we also wanted to highlight our brand-new, climate-controlled, designer bathhouse.

Just a short 1-4 minute walk from every cabin, it provides a comfortable space to get ready for the day or wind down for the night.

With private shower and bathroom stalls, as well as everything-is-provided amenities, it brings an element of luxury and comfort into your outdoor stay.

We provide:

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash, Lotion and Hand Soap from our friends at Public Goods
  • Hairdryers
  • Ear Plugs
  • Makeup Removal Towelettes
  • Baby Changing Station
  • Dishwashing Station with Dish Soap
  • Filtered Water Refill Station

So What Should I Bring?

Ultimately, the only thing you should plan to bring is food (although there are some amazing spots to grab breakfast, lunch and dinner right nearby), ice, a good bottle of wine and good company!