Top 10 Foliage Waterfall Hikes in New Hampshire

We've handpicked the '10 Best Foliage Waterfall Hikes that You Don't Want To Miss' to make your foliage season unforgettable.


Get ready for an epic adventure in the White Mountains, right near the cozy haven of Lumen Nature Retreat! We've handpicked the '10 Best Foliage Waterfall Hikes' to make your foliage season unforgettable. Picture this: nature's canvas turning into a breathtaking symphony of colors, with cascading waterfalls adding to the magic. Trust us, the foliage season in White Mountains is the kind of experience you'll remember for a lifetime. So, lace up your hiking boots and explore these fantastic trails, and having Lumen as your basecamp, you will have easy access to all these beautiful hikes. 

1. Franconia Falls Trail

Distance:  15 mins drive from Lumen, 6 miles round trip hike

Nestled in the Pemigewasset Wilderness, starting from Lincoln Woods Trailhead, Franconia Falls Trail is a leaf-peeper's dream. During the foliage season, the forest transforms into a symphony of colors, framing the East Branch of the Pemigewasset River's cascading waters. The 6-mile trek immerses you in vibrant autumn hues, leading to a serene natural pool. This idyllic spot allows you to bask in the golden ambiance while relishing the soothing sounds of nature. Franconia Falls Trail combines foliage spectacle with the magic of cascading waters, creating an unforgettable experience.

Franconia Falls

2. The Basin 

Distance: 15 mins drive from Lumen, 0.3 miles round trip hike

In fall, The Basin in Franconia Notch State Park becomes an enchanting wonderland. A mere 0.3-mile stroll brings you to this circular, glacially-carved formation. Surrounded by fiery foliage, the swirling waters of the Pemigewasset River create a picturesque contrast. The Basin's accessibility and vibrant surroundings make it a top pick for those seeking an easy, yet awe-inspiring, autumn hike.

The Basin

3. Georgiana Falls Trail

Distance: 10 mins drive from Lumen, 1.2 miles round trip hike

Georgiana Falls Trail, set amidst a canvas of fiery foliage, is a moderate 3.2-mile hike. The trail leads to two tiers of picturesque falls, with the upper falls stealing the show. The fall colors enhance the beauty of this secluded gem.

Georgiana Falls Trail

4. Sabbaday Falls

Distance: 30 mins drive from Lumen, 0.3 miles round trip hike

Sabbaday Falls is a family-friendly gem, and during foliage season, it's a true spectacle. The short 0.3-mile trail guides you to a three-tiered waterfall set against a backdrop of rich, autumnal colors. The fiery foliage enhances the beauty of these falls, making them a perfect subject for photos and a serene place to enjoy the fall scenery.

Sabbaday Falls

5. Falling Waters Trail

Distance: 30 mins drive from Lumen, 3.2 miles round trip 

As leaves change, Falling Waters Trail becomes a corridor of fiery reds and golds. Along the 3.2-mile hike, you'll encounter several waterfalls, with Cloudland Falls being the star attraction. In the heart of autumn, this 80-foot cascade is surrounded by vibrant foliage, creating a stunning natural contrast.

Falling Waters Trai

6. Silver Cascade

Distance: 40 mins drive from Lumen, 0.2 miles round trip hike

Roadside attraction Visible from Route 302, Silver Cascade is a must-see during foliage season. The 250-foot waterfall is framed by vibrant foliage, creating an unforgettable sight. This roadside stop allows you to marvel at nature's artistry without leaving your car.

Silver Cascade

7. Arethusa Falls Trail

Distance: 45 mins drive from Lumen,  3.2 miles round trip 

Fall transforms Arethusa Falls Trail into a magical journey. The 140-foot Arethusa Falls, the state's highest, is accentuated by the fiery foliage. The trail's enchanting mix of colors and the grandeur of the falls make it a must-visit during foliage season.

Arethusa Falls

8. Ripley Falls

Distance: 45 mins drive from Lumen, 1.4 miles round trip hike

Ripley Falls, accessible via a moderate 1.4-mile hike, is draped in vibrant foliage during the fall months. The cascade tumbles gracefully amidst a backdrop of colorful trees, creating a serene and picturesque atmosphere for hikers.

Ripley Falls

9. Diana's Baths

Distance: 1hr drive from Lumen, 1.2 miles round trip hike

In autumn, Diana's Baths offers a serene escape into a kaleidoscope of colors. The 1.2-mile hike guides you to a series of cascades and pools. As the leaves change, the falls become a tranquil haven, making it the ideal destination for fall foliage enthusiasts.

Diana's Baths

10. Glen Ellis Falls

Distance: 1hr drive from Lumen, 0.2 miles round trip hike

Glen Ellis Falls, nestled in Pinkham Notch, is an ideal fall foliage hike. The 0.2-mile trail leads to a 64-foot waterfall. With fiery leaves as a backdrop, the falls become a striking centerpiece of autumn beauty.

Glen Ellis Falls

Exploring these waterfall hikes near Lincoln, NH, during the foliage season offers a unique and unforgettable experience. The vibrant fall colors combined with the natural beauty of cascading waters create a picturesque landscape that's perfect for capturing memories and connecting with nature.

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