Experience Fall Glamping at Lumen and the White Mountains

We wanted to let you in on a little secret – Fall may just be the best time of the year to come, camp and explore the White Mountains.


We wanted to let you in on a little secret – Fall may just be the best time of the year to come, camp and explore the White Mountains. The crowds are smaller, the weather is more pleasant, and the views are simply magical.

There’s a reason why people travel from all over the world in September and October to the White Mountains to witness the fall foliage and see nature’s transition from Summer to Autumn.

Picture this - you leave work a bit early and drive up to New Hampshire with your special someone (or ones). On the way in, you stop by one of the many amazing breweries in the region to grab a local craft beer, some late lunch and a few provisions.

You get to Lumen by late afternoon, just as the sun begins to set and illuminate the mountains and our pond with majestic golden colors. Your tent is all waiting for you – with a hotel-quality bed, fire pit and everything else you need for the evening. You drop off your stuff, go for a walk along the pond and the brook and when you come back, you get a fire roaring. 

What follows is usually our favorite part – relaxing time under a blanket of stars with the crackling fire warming you up, great conversation that doesn’t get disrupted by never-ending emails, and just enjoying each other’s company.

As the night draws in, you put out the fire and head into the tent. Even as the temperatures drop during the Fall nights, it’s quite cozy and comfortable inside. Plus, we provide a complementary heater for every tent that you can start right up and it’ll get the tent to as warm of a temperature as you wish.

In the morning, you wake up to the sounds of nature – rested, refreshed and ready to explore the region. The day starts with some tea and coffee that you make outside, while overlooking the landscape. And the fact that you’re right there – just minutes away from the heart of the White Mountains and everything the region has to offer – means that you can get an early start before any other day trippers arrive!

What’s Camping at Lumen in the Fall like? Is it too cold?

The camping experience at Lumen in September and October is quite magical. It is true that the temperatures are a bit cooler than they are in Summer. However, it’s easy to deal with it:

  1. From mid-September until the end of October, we provide a small heater (propane-based) at each of our glamping tents. It starts working instantly and you can make the tent as warm as you’d like.
  2. We provide lush, comfortable and warm blankets (as well as an extra throw) – so you’ll find that sleeping at one of our tents is quite comfortable in the Fall, regardless of whether you use the heater or not.
  3. When outside, every tent is equipped with a fire pit (wood bundles sold on-site), so you can light up a fire in the evening and stay comfortable and cozy while outdoors as well.
  4. Our luxury bathhouse is fully heated with hot showers. So even if it’s chilly outside, the bathhouse is kept warm and toasty and you’ll be able to refresh yourself is comfort.

In short, this is the best of both worlds. You get to experience the true beauty of the outdoors and a true camping experience, while also keeping all of the comforts you need  to stay comfortable in the cooler Fall months.

What to See Around Lumen in the Fall

So much to see. So little time! To help, we’ve put together a few of our favorite and a few classics for your trip planning needs: 

Roadtrip the Kanc or Elsewhere - Arguably one of the most iconic things to do while Visiting the White Mountains in the fall is taking a drive down the breathtaking Kancamgus Scenic Highway (know to locals as “The Kanc”). If you want to avoid some of the congestion along the Kanc, consider pulling out the map to explore one of our “roads less traveled”.  Some of the side roads in smaller villages such as Franconia, Sugar Hill, Littleton, Jackson, Eaton, as well as routes in the Lakes Region (just a little bit to the south) still offer those beautiful foliage views, just with less traffic. Here's two quick ideas to get you started! Head out on Route 112 West through Kinsman Notch, down Route 118, then over to  Route 113 in Sandwich, or try Route 2 in Randolph and Jefferson.


Hike the Artist’s Bluff at Franconia Notch State Park - Artist’s Bluff is nestled into Franconia Notch State Park and reaching a viewpoint requires a hike. The trail is rated easy/moderate and meanders through a dense forest for 1.5 miles, gaining about 400 feet of elevation before opening up to a giant rock formation ripe for exploration. 


Go Up the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tram - if you’re looking for an aerial view of the breathtaking fall foliage in New Hampshire, check out the Cannon Mountain Aerial Tram. A quick 10-minute gondola ride takes you directly to the summit of Cannon Mountain, reaching a dizzying elevation of 4,080 feet. 

Explore the Castle in the Sky -  It’s a really neat destination that combines both nature and history in a super fun day trip. An old castle with 16 rooms redolent with history, as well as beautifully maintained hiking trails and scenic overlooks, make this spot a perfect day trip for visitors to the White Mountains. 

Visit the Tasting Room at Seven Birches Winery in Lincoln, NH (just 8 minutes away) to sample delicious, locally made wine. You will receive five samples as well as a little story about each wine as you sip. At the end, purchase a bottle to bring back to Lumen and enjoy over a fire! Other wonderful wineries in the area include the Purple Tomato Farmers Market's new tasting room in Lincoln, NH and Hermit Woods Winery in Meredith, NH.

Looking for more ideas? Check out this post for a few more of our favorite spots around Lumen!

We hope to see you here soon!